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9 Alzheimer’s Association Resources You Need

The Alzheimer’s Association offers some truly amazing resources you may not even realize you need. But you do! The following list of resources in particular are extremely useful to Alzheimer’s patients and their families:

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Where to Turn When Orders are Confusing

Discharge orders can be confusing; what do you need to know to make them clearer?

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Brain Health: Does What You Eat and How You Exercise Affect Your Brain?

Our brain is affected by our physical lifestyle choices just like any other part of our body. Getting the right exercise and nutrition can not only boost your brain health but it can also help combat dementia and may slow down its progression.

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PODCAST: LGBT Seniors Face Unique Challenges

LGBT adults face many unique challenges as they age. They are generally an underserved and understudied aging population. Fear of discrimination contributes to poor health – with more than 20% reporting not having told health care providers of their sexual orientation.

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Bringing Mom Home: Things to Consider

Many adult children decide to live with their elderly parent who clearly needs more support at home. Are you considering having your mom or dad move into your home?

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Understanding Mental Capacity

Capacity and competence are two terms that are often used interchangeably to describe a person’s ability to understand their circumstances and make decisions. Competence is a legal term that determines whether someone is “duly qualified:

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