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Hospice is a Medicare benefit that is generally misunderstood. Many families wait to call hospice until the final days and weeks of their loved one’s life. If eligible, specialized care can be provided, as well as medications, medical equipment and supplies months earlier. So how do you know when it’s time? Sarah Crutchfield, owner of High Desert Hospice, will join me to discuss signs that it may be time to consider hospice care for your loved one. She will also answer many of the questions families frequently ask and address many of the concerns that often keep them from exploring hospice care.


Sarah Crutchfield

Sarah has been in the medical field since the age of 15, when she was a volunteer candy striper. Prior to her hospice work, she became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and later a respiratory and hemodialysis therapist. As a hemodialysis therapist, she was a member of a pancreas and kidney transplant team. Sarah founded her own hospice company following her work with several different hospice organizations. She opened High Desert Hospice with the belief that hospice could be done better. Her passion for offering families more extensive care and support, as well as her concern that medicine has lost its personal touch, gives Sarah a unique perspective on hospice.

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