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Sharing your medical treatment and end of life wishes and with those you love, about what you want, or what your loved one wants, can be a difficult conversation to have. Most often we believe that because we have seen a lawyer and completed our Advance Directives that there is nothing more to do or say. Such is not the case, says our special guest this week, Joan Gibson. Joan and I will discuss the many “what if’s” that such legal documents don’t cover and why it’s important that all of us have these conversations with those we love. Joan is a pioneer in the world of health care decision-making. This conversation is a must for all of us, regardless of age. For a free download of the “Values History Form”, go to AgingLifeNetwork.com


Joan M. Gibson, PhD

Joan is a philosopher and consultant in applied ethics, bioethics, and values-based decision making. She has over 30 years of teaching, training, consulting and administrative work in a variety of setting: Universities, business, state and federal government, health care, community, and research organizations. Joan and colleagues developed the ‘Values History Form’ the first “values inventory approach to advance directives. She also founded and directed the Health Sciences Ethics Program at the University of New Mexico. Joan speaks, trains and writes about Values-Based Decision Making, End of Life Decision Making, Bioethics and Advance Care Healthcare Planning. Joan also works with The Conversation Project who provides helpful tools online.

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