You are not alone. Whether you are an adult child, spouse or friend giving hands-on care to a loved one, or trying to help while living in a different state, information, support, guidance and resources are available here at Aging Life Network®.  

As a national online platform, assistance is offered in a variety of convenient formats so that you can listen, watch or read about issues and topics challenging you today. 

For those needing more help and specific guidance, we offer live access to Life Care Professionals experienced in the multi-disciplinary world of aging ready to talk with you, answer your questions and help you determine your next steps.

With Aging Life Network you have access to:

  • One-on-One consultations and coaching calls with licensed/certified Aging Life Professionals
  • FREE online web community – healthcare, financial & legal info offered in a variety of formats including:

Our Life Care Professionals Provide:

  • Answers to your most concerning questions and assistance with your specific situation.
  • Action plans that will provide solutions and step-by-step guidance, giving you the knowledge and confidence needed to manage the challenges you’re facing.
  • Comfort, compassion, and support as you manage the complex world of caring for an aging loved one.

Our Free ALN Academy Provides:

  • Interviews with Senior Care Experts, Webinars, and Live Events
    Ask questions of experts, share your experiences and words of encouragement with other members who are also supporting an elderly loved one.
  • Online Senior Care Library of Articles, DIY Caregiver Toolkits
    Always have an expert source to guide confusing, difficult, and emotional situations… and reduce your worry and emotional stress.

ALN Radio:

  • ALN Founder, Nancy Oriola hosts a weekly talk radio show on Nancy and her guests discuss issues and best practices relating to aging, disabilities, and navigating the healthcare system.