Are You a Do It Yourself Care Giver?
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The Top 10 Things You Need To Know To Care For An Aging Loved One

  • Have you been struggling with next steps to keep your loved senior safe and your own life on track?
  • Are you looking for clear, practical action plans for the challenges of caring for a chronically ill friend or relative?
  • Are you frustrated by a vast and fragmented healthcare system?

The answers you need are here in this free e-book from Aging Life Network, the premier coaching, consulting and resource platform for adult children, spouses, companions, and siblings on behalf of an aging loved one.
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If you decided to take on the care of a loved one yourself, this guide is for you. It identifies the areas of caring you will need to understand as you handle this on your own.

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About Aging Life Network

Aging Life Network® (ALN) is about connection; connection between us, Senior Care Experts, and you, a ‘Do it Yourself’ Care Giver.

We’re a national network of professionals with 2 common goals:

We want you to find the answers you need when you need them. That’s why I wrote this book; it’s for you, my gift. As a Life Care Professional for 23 years, and a Financial Planner for 10 years prior to that, I am aware that access to information is critical to your ability to make good decisions and determine the best options for your loved one. Finding ways to connect many experts, resources and families in a way that is timely, convenient, and affordable has been my goal. At ALN we hope to reduce your concern, stress, or overwhelm by offering exceptional content and free access to our Care Team who work with situations and families like yours every day. Our national network of Care Guide and Care Coaches has a depth of experience and knowledge that allows you to discuss your unique situation and create a plan of action for your loved one.
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  Whatever your question or concern we want to address it with you: geriatric medicine, legal experts elder law, home care, facility experts, financial experts and more are all available to you through ALN. Start with this invaluable free resource:

Nancy Oriola

LCSW, CMC, NMG, CFP Founder/CEO, and Founder Aging Life Network