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Detailed and Customized Plan of Action

Nearly all – 90% of boomers – who are themselves approaching need for care management intend to do the same for mom or dad on a DIY basis.

While it is a noble intention, they’re bound to run into several severe problems.

  • See if these are familiar:
    Your own family life may easily be disrupted by the varying degrees of responsibility felt by the person who takes this on.
  • Your job, career or business could be hurt by this as well
  • Your long-standing relationship with an aging parent could easily be filled with minefields of resentment, guilt, frustration that will get in the way of this new role.
  • The fast changing and unpredictable course of a parent’s aging or a loved one’s disease will throw you into uncharted waters with need for a variety of professionals on call.
  • You have to learn the language and world of aging
  • You’ll quickly learn that the healthcare system is fragmented and vast – a deadly combination.


Your own customized plan, built out of a detailed discovery process will solve all these challenges.