Quality of Life: Focusing On Aging Loved Ones

People receive palliative care when curing their disease or condition is not their primary goal. Instead, palliative care focuses on quality of life. It can be given to anyone with a life-threatening illness.

Hospice Care for Aging Loved Ones

Hospice care conjures anxiety, dread, and shame in the minds of many, but it should evoke feelings of catharsis, rest, and relief. Hospice workers provide care which people can receive in the last six months of their life, but it’s not just a period of waiting for the inevitable.

9 Alzheimer’s Association Resources You Need

The Alzheimer’s Association offers some truly amazing resources you may not even realize you need. But you do! The following list of resources in particular are extremely useful to Alzheimer’s patients and their families:

10 Tips to Keep Your Loved One Safe at Home

If you’re a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia then you have many things on your mind, including a variety of safety concerns. When providing care at home, you’ll need to make some adjustments to maximize safety, but try not to feel overwhelmed.

When Should You Call Hospice?

Many caregivers express fear and anxiety about calling hospice. They believe that doing so signals they have “given up” on their parent, but that’s just not true.

Combating Aging with Art Therapy

Combating aging with art therapy has shown to be a powerful tool that can help your aging parent reconnect with themselves and the world. Painting, drawing, sculpting, paper crafts, writing, poetry, music, and even dance can all be part of an art therapy program.