PODCAST: Aging Well: Keep Moving, Keep Doing, Keep Living

Sharing your medical treatment and end of life wishes and with those you love, about what you want, or what your loved one wants, can be a difficult conversation to have. Most often we believe that because we have seen a lawyer and completed our Advance Directives that there is nothing more to do or say. Such is not the case, says our special guest this week, Joan Gibson.

PODCAST: Caregiving, Advocacy & Resources

First as a long-distance caregiver and later caring for her mother in her home, Sue learned quickly that being an advocate was an important part of her role as caregiver.

PODCAST: Hospice: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Hospice is a Medicare benefit that is generally misunderstood. Many families wait to call hospice until the final days and weeks of their loved one’s life. If eligible, specialized care can be provided, as well as medications, medical equipment and supplies months earlier.

PODCAST: The Things You Need to Know…

Join me as I highlight the guide authored by me titled, “The Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Care for an Aging Loved One”. I will share information most important to know if you are assisting a loved one as they navigate life and the aging experience.

Keeping Older Loved Ones Safe During COVID-19

Covid-19 has been challenging for everyone, but especially so for older people and their families. In particular, those who are considering moving their loved one to a new home may be struggling with the decision in light of the pandemic.