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Aging Life Network

About ALN

Aging Life Network® (ALN) is about connection.  You, Senior Care Experts, Life Care Professionals.  A national network of individuals with a common goal; to maximize the quality of life for older adults facing age-related challenges.  We want you to find the answers you need when you need it.

As a Life Care Professional myself for 23 years, and a Financial Planner for 10 years prior to that, I am aware that for most families access to information and aging professionals is critical to their ability to make good decisions and determine the best options for a loved one.  Finding ways to connect these various professionals, experts, and families, in a way that is timely, convenient, and affordable has been my goal.

With ALN we hope to reduce your concern, stress, or overwhelm by offering exceptional content and affordable access to those professionals who work with situations and families like yours every day.  Our national network of Life Care Professionals have a depth of experience and knowledge that allows you to discuss your unique situation and create a plan of action for your loved one.

Whatever your question or concern we want to address it by connecting you to care experts in the field of geriatric medicine, legal experts in elder law, home care, facility experts, and financial experts.  Read, watch, or listen by accessing ALN Academy to hear them share their knowledge on a variety of topics. 




Why Choose ALN?

We are the sought-after coaching, consulting, and resource platform for adult children, spouses, companions, and siblings on behalf of their aging loved one.

Our intention is to be the most trusted and used senior care coaching provider and resource platform in America.

Nancy Oriola -

ALN Founding Philosophy

Caring for and about an aging loved one requires learning the world of aging.  With people living longer with chronic medical issues, this world has become more complex than ever.  Families usually struggle to learn this world when a crisis occurs and the learning needs to happen suddenly and quickly.  Information and systems are fragmented and advice based on an understanding of all the pieces is difficult to find.  Families often want to make decisions and manage the care themselves, but determining needs, benefits and best options can be overwhelming.  I wanted to create a national online platform for those families doing it themselves; a place you can turn when it feels like the wheels are falling off the bus and you need assistance getting on track.

ALN Principles

  • We are committed to seeking the most knowledgeable senior care experts for information to share with the ALN community
  • We honor the work that families and friends do daily to assist those they care about
  • Our growing professional team of consultants and coaches are made up of licensed and/or certified individuals (RN, Social Work, Certified Care Managers), from throughout the United States, who offer an enormous depth of experience and dedication to seniors and families 

ALN Mission

Our mission is to offer superior service and information to those caring for aging loved ones.  Our goal is to both enhance the joy and qualify of life for that loved one and to minimize the stress, fear and overwhelm of those who are assisting them.

“I have never met an individual who managed a parents’ care who – when they learned what I do – didn’t say “I wish I knew there were people like you out there I could have called on when I was dealing with it back then”

Nancy Oriola, Founder + CEO, Aging Life Network, LLC

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