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Join me as I highlight the guide authored by me titled, “The Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Care for an Aging Loved One”. I will share information most important to know if you are assisting a loved one as they navigate life and the aging experience. For those aging themselves, I will offer you much to think about and an understanding of what to expect. In the world of aging, the amount of information can be overwhelming. I will simplify it for you and offer a way to prioritize what you need to know. The Top 10 guide can be found on my VoiceAmerica.com page or on my website, AgingLifeNetwork.com as a free download.


Nancy Oriola, MSW, LCSW, CMC, NMG, CFP

Nancy is a licensed clinical social worker, a certified care manager, a national master guardian and for more than 30 years a certified financial planner. She has spent her career in the service of seniors and families. She is a serial entrepreneur in the aging field. In addition to recently founding AgingLifeNetwork.com, an on-line platform offering support and professional guidance for those caring for others, she is also founder and CEO of a private fiduciary company and a geriatric care management company. She is the host of the live radio show & podcast, Aging Life Network, which she states is enormously satisfying and fun! She is dedicated to the education of seniors and families about the medical, legal, financial and psycho-social topics related to aging. She is a member of several age-related boards and professional organizations. Her most recent venture, AgingLifeNetwork.com offers ALN Academy, ALN Radio/Podcast and live calls with senior care professionals.

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