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At a time when many, including the media, are speaking of the Covid-19 vaccine as offering Americans hope in ending the pandemic, I will interview a physician who is very concerned about the safety of the Pfizer vaccine. She is not alone in her concerns. In fact, recent surveys of health care workers indicate that nearly 50% would prefer to wait to take the vaccine and see how the vaccine affects others first. Whatever your opinion, Dr. Near will provide information about the vaccine that you will want to hear and understand. It is not simply anti-vaccers or anti-mask people in the 31% of the general population hesitant to take the vaccine. Learn more about the science as we discuss Dr. Near’s concerns.


Dr. Torre Near

Dr. Torre Near graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Pharmacy. She attended the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and then completed her Internal Medicine residence at the University of Wisconsin. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and has 18 years of experience in Geriatrics and primary care as well as 15 years in Emergency Medicine.

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