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The death of a loved one requires the distribution of that person’s property, cash, retirement/investment accounts and real estate. In many instances having a personal representative, or executor, of the estate is necessary and working within the probate court is required. In some States, this can be an expensive and complex process, while in others relatively simple. My guest, Probate Judge Cristy Carbon-Gaul, will talk with us about those instances in which a probate is necessary and discuss ways to avoid it. She will also address such questions as; What if there is no will? What if the proposed executor is not appropriate? Why does it sometimes take so long? What does it mean when there is a pour-over will? How do you handle the personal property?….to name a few. A great show for those considering how they want their own estate handled and/or those named in an older loved ones estate planning documents.


Cristy Carbon-Gaul, The Law Office of Cristy Carbon-Gaul

Cristy is New Mexico’s Bernalillo County Probate Judge. She is also a practicing attorney in the in the areas of estate planning, probate, guardianship and conservatorships. Her estate planning practice includes both simple and tax-planned estates, and she has developed expertise in estate planning for unmarried couples. Cristy handles contested guardianship, conservatorship and probate matters, as well as basic administration of estates. She regularly assists owners of closely-held businesses in matters of corporate law and succession planning. Cristy also represents a number of non-profit corporations and assists clients with establishing planned gifts with her client’s favorite charities.

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