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Forgetfulness… Trouble finding the right word… Why did I come into this room?,,, “Is this normal?” – a common question asked by seniors and often by those who love them. As we age, there are changes seniors experience that would be defined as a normal part of the aging process. What are those normal age-related changes? When should we be concerned that the changes we are experiencing, or noticing in our loved ones, are not normal? What is Mild Cognitive Impairment and how do I know if it’s dementia? Neurologist and geriatrician, Dr. Jan Knoefel will provide answers to these and other questions about the normal aging process and the signs and symptoms of a possible form of dementia. We will discuss some of the signs that there may be a problem and ways to seek help.


Janice E. Knoefel, MD, MPH

Janice E. Knoefel MD, MPH is a neurologist and geriatrician with 35 years experience. Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, she graduated from Ohio State University School of Medicine and has trained in internal medicine, neurology, geriatric neurology and public health. She has been on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati, Boston University and now at the University of New Mexico since 1996. Currently she is Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics) and Neurology. She participates in clinical care, teaching, and research. She is interested in neurological diseases of aging, most importantly Alzheimer Disease and dementias of any type. She is the clinical director of the Center for Memory and Aging at UNM’s Clinical Neurosciences Center.

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