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Caregivers often hear, “You have to take care of yourself! “ What if you knew that a few small changes could mean less stress and exhaustion? And that while improving your own quality of life, you were also improving the quality of life for those you care for? What if those small changes could help you avoid dementia yourself? Former Alzheimer’s Association Development Director turned nationally Certified Health Coach, Nika Lawrie, will join me to discuss the importance of caring for yourself when caring for others and how self-care helps in the fight against Alzheimer’s. For nearly a decade, Nika had an interesting view into the world of caring for those with dementia, as well as the current understanding and research regarding prevention. She was inspired to change her career path, now coaching caregivers and others about the connection between lifestyle and dementia. She will offer tools and tips that can make a real difference.


Nika Lawrie, CHC

Nika Lawrie [ NEE-Ka Lor-E] is a Certified Health Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, host of the Mind, Body, Music Podcast. Inspired by the near-decade she spent as the Development Director for the Alzheimer’s Association, her mission is to transform the quality of life for people around the world, by focusing on healthy food and lifestyle habits. Nika’s approach is to combine the latest technology, evidence-based nutrition, and age-old wisdom (“where science meets lifestyle”) in order to help her clients and those who follow her online discover the right tools and behaviors they need to avoid or reverse chronic disease and achieve the highest level of health and wellness.

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