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Award winning author Heidi Herman’s latest book “On with the Butter: Spread More Living onto Everyday Life” provides a practical how-to guide for readers to follow to add vitality to their own lives. Many of the items offered are things that can be done in safe socially-distant ways and still provide mental and physical benefits. What makes Heidi’s book unique is her inspiration – in 2018, her 93-year old mother, Ieda, undertook a challenge to have 93 new experiences before her 94th birthday to prove you’re never too old for something new. After Heidi helped her Icelandic mom with that year’s adventure, they were working on turning the experience into a book when Ieda passed away. Heidi finished her mother’s photo journal of experiences but was inspired to go one step further and inspire others to live life with that same vitality. Heidi will join us to talk about her new book which is full of wonderful ideas and information on adventures that can add vitality to all of our lives.


Heidi Herman

Heidi Herman was born and raised in Central Illinois, but her passion and a common theme in her writing is her Icelandic heritage. After a 30 year career as a business writer, Heidi turned to fiction writing full time in 2013. She has written several books related to Scandinavian legends and stories, Icelandic folktales, and an award winning Icelandic Cookbook. She publisher her debut, “Her Viking Heart”, in 2018 which was named the 2018 Foreward INDIE Book of the Year – Gold Winner – Romance category. Her newest work, “On with the Butter: Spread More Living Onto Everyday Life” was inspired while working on her mother’s final work “Never Too Late”. Ieda Jonasdottir Herman (1925-2018) was 94 years old and had completed a year of new experiences to prove that you’re never too old to enjoy life. That message and her mother’s example led Heidi to write this new motivational book with ideas and encouragement on how anyone can find those activities and experiences.

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