PODCAST: Aging Life Network

Nancy is a licensed clinical social worker, a certified care manager, a national master guardian and for more than 30 years a certified financial planner. She has spent her career in the service of seniors and families. She is a serial entrepreneur in the aging field.

PODCAST: Keep the Family Home and Create an Income Producing Asset

Seniors considering a move to a retirement community or families managing the care and finances for a loved one so often do not look beyond the option of selling the home that has been occupied for many years. The sale of a home brings with it tax consequences and the need to re-invest proceeds.

PODCAST: The Things You Need to Know…

Join me as I highlight the guide authored by me titled, “The Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Care for an Aging Loved One”. I will share information most important to know if you are assisting a loved one as they navigate life and the aging experience.

Bringing Mom Home: Things to Consider

Many adult children decide to live with their elderly parent who clearly needs more support at home. Are you considering having your mom or dad move into your home?

PODCAST: Bringing Mom Home: Things to Consider

The choice of whether to move your loved one into your home or to move into their home is a significant one. In many instances, a decision must be made quickly. Or what you believe will be temporary becomes permanent.