PODCAST: Probate: When It’s Necessary & Ways to Avoid It

The death of a loved one requires the distribution of that person’s property, cash, retirement/investment accounts and real estate. In many instances having a personal representative, or executor, of the estate is necessary and working within the probate court is required.

PODCAST: The Things You Need to Know…

Join me as I highlight the guide authored by me titled, “The Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Care for an Aging Loved One”. I will share information most important to know if you are assisting a loved one as they navigate life and the aging experience.

PODCATS: Special Needs Trusts – Benefits & Planning Tool

In the confusing world of trusts, there is one trust that you will want to know about for your aging loved one and that is the Special Needs Trust. This trust allows your loved one to remain on, or qualify for, Federal, State and other benefits while having funds in trust to assist with approved costs.

What Is NOT Covered by Medicare?

The most significant cost for aging adults is healthcare. Most people think that Medicare or Medicaid will cover their care requirements.

Financial Capacity

Capacity is defined as “sufficient understanding and memory to comprehend in a general way the situation in which one finds oneself and the nature, purpose and consequence of any act or transaction into which one proposes to enter.”