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Medication List – Tool

Use this form to document medications for doctor’s visits and to have on hand in case of emergency.

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Is Your Mom Safe in Assisted Living During COVID-19 or Should You Bring Her Home?

If your mother or another loved one is currently staying in an assisted living facility, it is only natural to have concerns. Currently, COVID-19 cases are surging in assisted…

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Combating Aging with Art Therapy

Combating aging with art therapy has shown to be a powerful tool that can help your aging parent reconnect with themselves and the world. Painting, drawing, sculpting, paper crafts, writing, poetry, music, and even dance can all be part of an art therapy program.

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What to Ask When Leaving the Hospital

Learn how to manage your loved one’s transition from hospital to home or rehab.

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Five Digital Platforms to Connect with Loved Ones Far Away

For many older adults whose family seems to get geographically scattered, digital tools are invaluable ways to connect. Not just to connect one-on-one, but to connect with whole…

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Avoid Elder Financial Exploitation

Interview with retired District Attorney Paul Greenwood on how to prevent elder financial abuse and exploitation

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